Integrating the Vision of the Artist with the Ingenuity of the Engineer.

A very large part of our work is about R&D

Aside from what the media may be touting, there are underlying reasons that people will put wearables on their bodies. Quite simply, the technology needs to be useful and enhance human capabilities. While games and other much-hyped pursuits will provide grist for the PR mills, it is the capacity to augment the things we love and automate the things we don't that will turn wearable tech into the multi-billion dollar industry that we all predict.

We don't intend to become a hardware manufacturer although we do have a long track record of contributing significant innovations to the timeline of media production. While quite a few of our in-house R&D experiments have ended up as very successfull products, there are a few that haven't. Here then is a sample of several of our more interesting test-bed projects that we have on the bench; you be the judge.